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Documents and ArchiveWed, 5th August 2020

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This section contains Parish Council documents, Neighbourhood Plan documents and an archive of documents from early years.  Parish Council meeting agendas and minutes are under a separate heading, follow the link on the left of the page to 'Meetings and Minutes'.

Current Parish Council documents are now posted online, and are available as Adobe PDF files. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations. Click here for Council Meeting dates and Minutes and Agendas.

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Name  Size  Type
!!Neighbourhood Plan (92.9MB) !!Neighbourhood Plan 92.9MB Folder
!Archive - Minutes and Agendas 2008-2013 (25.4MB) !Archive - Minutes and Agendas 2008-2013 25.4MB Folder
!Archive - Parish Plan 2004-2009 (925KB) !Archive - Parish Plan 2004-2009 925KB Folder
!Archive - Traffic Study 2006 (2.7MB) !Archive - Traffic Study 2006 2.7MB Folder
Accounts (7.1MB) Accounts 7.1MB Folder
COVID-19 (1.1MB) COVID-19 1.1MB Folder
Declarations of Pecuniary and Other Interests (14.5MB) Declarations of Pecuniary and Other Interests 14.5MB Folder
Elections (369.9KB) Elections 369.9KB Folder
Local Resources (821.8KB) Local Resources 821.8KB Folder
Miscellaneous (6.9MB) Miscellaneous 6.9MB Folder
Policies and Procedures (2.2MB) Policies and Procedures 2.2MB Folder
Privacy Notice (34.8KB) Privacy Notice 34.8KB Folder
Vacancy Information (389.9KB) Vacancy Information 389.9KB Folder
Web Accessibility (50.5KB) Web Accessibility 50.5KB Folder
Beat_the_Heat_2020.pdf (134.1KB) Beat_the_Heat_2020.pdf 134.1KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Chidd Booklet 2019 - Version 6.3.pdf (752.2KB) Chidd Booklet 2019 - Version 6.3.pdf 752.2KB Adobe Acrobat Document
VE Day 2020.pdf (184.5KB) VE Day 2020.pdf 184.5KB Adobe Acrobat Document
VE DAY COLOURING SHEET.pdf (20.1KB) VE DAY COLOURING SHEET.pdf 20.1KB Adobe Acrobat Document