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   ~~~ TIPS FOR BETTER BROADBAND ~~~    13 November, 2015

Tips and tricks for getting the best for mobile broadband in this area have been provided by Marie Louise Clayton.

Most cost effective and easiest.

1. Use of Mobile broadband - For premises that currently have very slow broadband

or no landline broadband service, mobile broadband may be a temporary solution

until better landline services become available. You can check mobile phone

coverage of your area at www.ofcom.org.uk/mobile-coverage. GU8 4TF gets EE 3G

mobile broadband services of 10-20 MB even when the mobile signal is weak. At

GU8 4TG we get Vodafone 4G – 20MB.

The mobile broadband solution requires the use of a MiFi or dongle. MiFi is a brand

name used to describe a wireless router that acts as mobile WiFi hotspot. The MiFi

should be positioned at a place within the home that has the best mobile signal. It

may be necessary to move the MiFi around the house in order to find the best signal

– try an upstairs window ledge! Various companies offer these mobile broadband

services e.g. EE, Vodaphone, 3 and the best solution depends upon the mobile

signal that you can get in your home. Packages offered usually include the free

provision of the MiFi and a given volume of data for a fixed monthly fee. Should the

monthly data quota be exceeded then the device will divert the users web browser to

a page where more data can be purchased.

You may need to boost the signal - at Tugley we use a generic booster that is a 20ft

pole with a receiver placed outside the property with a cable to indoors. This is

carrier independent. We use this as a back up when our BT broadband is particularly

slow or big data (like photos) need to be moved. We use this in conjunction with our

existing Vodafone mobile contract using a mobile phone to create a hotspot when


Data usage:

One member uses 1-2GB per month for internet browsing and emails without any

downloads of videos or music. Video streaming can use large volumes of data –

allow 700MB of data per hour of video. It is possible to use a NOW TV receiver

attached to a TV for this BUT IT CAN BE VERY EXPENSIVE. For example 3 days

of The Open golf from Sky cost £10 for a week Sky pass and £45 for data from EE.

Here are some links to different company offerings:

3 package examples - £8 per month for 2GB or £13 for 5GB; 24 month contract


Vodaphone package example - £20 for 10GB; 12 month contract


EE package example - £20 per month for 15GB; 24 month contract


Other options:

2. Several properties use satellite – this is a more costly solution and you pay for

what you get! Users of the domestic service find it is very susceptible to slowness

depending on the time of day you are using it (and school holidays!). Many people

combine this with a BT internet connection as a back up.

3. Two BT internet Lines combined.

One of our group has had two BT internet lines installed and then combined which

gives a better (not double) than single line performance. However it is costly,

technically challenging and loads of wires and boxes. Not for the fainthearted!

4. Use Of Huawei box

One of our group found that bypassing his standard BT hub to a Huawei standalone

modem (all to do with the quality of modem inside the hub) increased his internet

speed significantly. Requires a BT engineer but worth discussing if you get a visit.

5. 4G

Some of our postcode area has 4G access. Note that this is for data only and can

impact the quality of your voice (phone) signal. My phone signal (Vodafone) has

deteriorated markedly since the introduction of 4G whilst the data is faster. If you are

experiencing this when wanting to use your phone for calls reset the mobile data

setting on your phone to 2G. (very irritating but works!) You have to reset it back for

data at 4G.

Websites that may be helpful



ewAllFaqs.do       look at Qs77-101




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