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   ~~~ THE HENRY SMITH CHARITY ~~~    23 September, 2017

The Henry Smith Charity has been helping to combat disadvantage and poverty since 1628.  Henry Smith was born in Wandsworth in May 1548 and was a very successful salt merchant.  During his lifetime he acquired land in various regions of England and set up a number of charitable trusts for the relief of poverty.  He died in 1628, leaving his Trustees £2,000.

To cut a very long and interesting story short, the Trustees invested wisely, buying land across the country, including in Kensington, Chelsea and St Margaret’s Westminster.  A wall monument to Henry Smith is to be found in All Saints Church in Wandsworth

Today, the Charity’s grants total approximately £25m per year given to around 1,000 organisations and smaller charities throughout the UK.  It continues to honour the spirit of Henry Smith’s Will by focusing its grants towards people in need throughout the UK, helping to turn challenges into opportunities.  The grant programme provides assistance in the areas of:  disability, domestic and sexual violence; drugs, alcohol and substance misuse; healthcare; mental health; older people; prostitution and trafficking; young people; homelessness; ex-service men and women and ex-offenders.

Locally, the Henry Smith Charity provides an annual grant to 120 parish councils in and around Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex.  These grants are distributed to those in need, be it financial or emotional need, via local Trusts such as exists in Chiddingfold.  The Trustees meet annually to arrange distribution.

So this is the point where it may apply to you.

You might be a person in need or you may know someone who is.  Unfortunately, with the advent of Data Protection regulations local health, education and social services are no longer able to provide the Trust with names of people they know are struggling; meaning that those most in need do not benefit from this admirable Trust, set up specifically to help them.

The Local Trust is itself subject to Data Protection regulations and the names of those who benefit are held in confidence and the Trustees are bound by a Code of Practice which ensures complete confidentiality.  In addition, the Trustees remain anonymous.

If you are in need, or you know someone who is, please contact me, in confidence, and you will be added to the short-list of people who are considered for a financial grant this Christmas.

For further information about the Henry Smith Trust, click here for a brief history history of the Trust.

Sue Frossard CilCA, MILCM

Administrator, The Henry Smith Trust,

Parish Scheme 138.

T:  07557 344499

E:  clerk@chiddingfold-pc.gov.uk

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