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   ~~~ REPORTING HIGHWAYS PROBLEMS ~~~    21 December, 2016

Chiddingfold Parish Council

When it comes to issues with potholes, flooding and drainage, broken road or pavement surfaces or Public Rights of Way (footpaths and bridleways), the Parish Council has no legal power or resources to carry out remedial works on the highways.

Surrey County Council (SCC) are the responsible Local Authority, and Lead Local Drainage Authority and are responsible to the electorate.

The Parish Council, whilst sympathetic and willing to offer advice, has no power or resources to resolve highways issues.  These should be reported to SCC who will give a Call Reference number and will investigate and deal with the issue

The most that the Parish Council can do is to report the issue to SCC on behalf of the resident; but experience has taught us that this is not the best way to get the issue solved.

SCC has a responsibility to the electorate and a problem reported by the Parish Council, does not carry the same weight or secure the same quick response as happens when a report comes from a tax-paying resident.

For this reason the Parish Council would urge all residents to report highways and flooding issues direct to SCC using the contact details on the reverse of this information sheet.

The Parish Council is always keen to hear of issues that arise and will always endeavour to provide any immediate help or advice, but this should be sought AFTER a report has been lodged direct with SCC.


Flooding can be caused by:
 cracks in broken pipes owned by water companies;
 heavier than normal rainfall, causing run-off from fields;
 over-full rivers bursting their banks; and
 collection of mud, leaves and debris blocking drains.

If you think there is immediate danger to life or property
Surrey Fire and Rescue Service can help you:
Call:  999

If you see a flood, you should report it to Surrey County Council:


or call:
0300 200 1003


Heavy rain and extremes of hot or cold weather can cause road and pavement damage and cause trees to fall.

Surrey County Council Highways are responsible for
all highways safety and maintenance.
Report potholes, road damage, overgrown verges,
obscured sight-lines and fallen trees:


or call:
0300 200 1003

Sue Frossard CiLCA MILCM
Parish Clerk
Chiddingfold Parish Council
The Banking House, The Green,
Chiddingfold, GU8 4TP.
T:  01428 683906
E:  clerk@chiddingfold-pc.gov.uk
W:  www.chiddingfold-pc.gov.uk


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