Members of Chiddingfold Parish Council

Councillor Jane Devlin
Committees: Finance and Compliance Committee

Susie Forrest
Councillor Susie Forrest
Committees: Planning

Daniel Hall
Councillor Daniel Hall
Council Chairman
Committees: Finance and Compliance Committee, Staffing

Councillor Simon Inchbald
Committees: Planning, Staffing

Anthony Johnson
Councillor Anthony (Tony) Johnson
Committees: Planning

Photo Pending
Councillor Ian McKie
Committees: Finance and Compliance, Staffing

Christine Tebbot
Councillor Christine Tebbot
Committees: Planning,  Staffing

Roger Underwood
Councillor Roger Underwood
Committees: Planning (Chairman)

Tony Wiener
Councillor Tony Wiener
Committees: Finance and Compliance (Chairman), Planning

Please note that councillors can be emailed using the format initialsurname@ and then the council address in the case of the Chairman, use chairman rather than name.

Councillor Declarations of Registrable Interests are available from the Documents section of the website.

Andy Beams
Responsible Finance Officer (Locum)

Lauren Blatherwick
Lauren Blatherwick MA Cantab CiLCA PSLCC
Parish Clerk
Lauren is the Clerk and Proper Officer to Chiddingfold Parish Council. She has a statutory duty to carry out the functions of Chiddingfold Parish Council and, in particular, to serve or issue all notifications required by law. In addition, she is responsible for ensuring that the instructions of the Council, in connection with its function as a Local Council, are carried out. Lauren previously had a career in legal practice.

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